Sunday, 30 March 2008

People 8 (Lisbon)

More candid people shots. This time from Lisbon.
I really want to go back there. It's such a great city.
I decided to change these shots into duotone because in my opinion it brings out the atmosphere the way I felt it when we were there.
The bottom two shots are of Fado singers in a local establishment in Alfama, the quarter of Lisbon where Fado has its roots.

Monday, 24 March 2008

Update - (no photos)

Today I added the series "save it for a rainy day" but I also added a photo to landscapes 1 (Nov 2007). You can see it when you scroll down. It's the first photo of Muckross house with the tree in front.
I corrected keystoning in the second shot (Muckross house up closer).
Keystoning is a distorting effect of converging verticals, often in buildings.
It is the result of using a wide angle lens. I corrected this in Photoshop.
Don't forget to click on photos to see a bigger version.

Save it for a rainy day.

I try to post photos at least once a month but it is hard to choose which ones.
These shots were taken during showery days. We get plenty of rain in Ireland but that normally doesn't stop me from taking photos.