Sunday, 30 March 2008

People 8 (Lisbon)

More candid people shots. This time from Lisbon.
I really want to go back there. It's such a great city.
I decided to change these shots into duotone because in my opinion it brings out the atmosphere the way I felt it when we were there.
The bottom two shots are of Fado singers in a local establishment in Alfama, the quarter of Lisbon where Fado has its roots.


powergirl said...

I really, really love these photos. They should feature in a travel magazine. Absolutely beautiful.

Dominika said...

I must say that i'm absolutely charmed by photo of an elegantly dressed,older man looking down or maybe having his eyes just can't stop yourself from imagining who he is and what he's thinking looks like his life experience weighs heavy upon his's just so melancholy.i absolutely love that photo and i can spend hours looking at it.
Dominika(sage cafe)

eosforever said...

Another great series. They are all beautiful but I really like the guy lying on the bench and the lady on the tram. The photo of the old man on the bench makes me melancholic. Beautiful.

Amélie said...

I like very much the picture of the bus, and especially the look of the woman... amazing shot!

Lette said...

Fab series, love this photography :)

Daniela said...

I really love the athmosphere you can transmit with this shots...I'm agree with you, the black and white have so great power to bring you into the picture itself, as it was a nice journey, but overall i like the reportage view it brings.
Good job!
Good man yourself!