Thursday, 2 July 2009

Türkiye. Landscape around Safranbolu: Black Sea area.

This is the landscape in the black sea area of Turkey. Hills and mountains, covered with trees and shrubs. It's all very lush and green. The top photo is me with our rental car. (Click on the photos to see them bigger)


Anonymous said...

Hi Dolf...friend of Orla's here with family in Limerick. Loved your photos from Turkey. Beautiful.
Probably similar to our rocky guessing. The mountains in Maine, Vermont and New Hampshire are not as tall as those.
Plenty of trees and stone, but not
the height. Have seen many of your photos and think you are terrific.

Best from Boston to you and Orla.

Maureen Maloney

Dolf Patijn said...

Thank's very much, Maureen, for your comments and kind words. I'm glad you like my photography.

powergirl said...

Beautiful landscape photography. Very impressive landscapes too.
I probably said it before but I will say it again: you're a very versatile photographer. You take landscapes as well as people shots and macro. Your compositions are always spot on.