Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Istanbul, Türkiye

One of the cities I really want to go back to is Istanbul. I met some friends,  two lovely ladies, Güler and Esen, I had made through the internet for the first time in person. We became friends in real life as well. Evrim, my friend who is a teacher of English in the Black Sea region, had come with us to Istanbul for a few days. I met with her brother, his girlfriend and a few friends and also with Esen's family. I also met Güler's teacher of English, Roger: an Englishman who lives in Istanbul. We went to a teagarden several times, smoking a waterpipe while sipping apple tea, eating simit (kind of bread) and chatting. What more can one want.
All my Turkey shots are dedicated to all the lovely people I met in Turkey. I will carry all those moments, the country and the people in my heart forever. 

Çok teşekkür ederim.

About the shots: Eminönü is an area that really comes to live at night with all the food stalls where they sell traditionally prepared fish.
(click on the photos to see the bigger version)

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