Saturday, 29 June 2013

One year adoption anniversary.

The 5th of June was the 1st adoption anniversary of Tina and Charlie, our two cats. Charlie is the red-and-white tabby tomcat and Tina is the tortieshell female. We adopted them from the Limerick Animal Welfare Shelter. They were born feral but trapped and neutered and then fostered for a while before going to the shelter where we got them.

They have us well trained by now. One of us gets up around 3.30 am to open the window so they can get out. Then, often, one or two hours later one of them is back for food so one of us gets up to feed them.

These two are spoiled rotten but they deserve it. They are two great cats and we love them to bits. Let’s hope we will share many more anniversaries together. You can read more about them and about felines in general on my Feline Rambles Blog.
Click on the photos to see the larger version.

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