Thursday, 5 July 2007


Welcome to Digital Dolf's Photography Blog.
My name is Dolf Patijn. I'm a Dutchman, living in the south-west of Ireland.
I started of as an analogue photographer with a 35mm Canon AE1 and
T70 SLR camera. I had my own darkroom where I printed black and white photographs.
I also took a lot of slides.
In 2000 I bought my first digital camera and in 2006 I bought my first Digital SLR camera.
I now shoot with a Canon 350D and a Canon 30D with different very good quality lenses (L lenses).

In this Blog you can see samples of my digital photography. All the photographs you see here are scaled down in size and quality. The originals are a lot bigger and of higher quality.
If you like what you see, please leave a comment. Some of my photos are also for sale.
Make sure to check back from time to time. Photographs will be added on a regular basis.

Click on the photographs to see a bigger version.


FvS said...

Although I'm Dutch I do not have anything with clogs. But you captured these very nice and artistically. Well done.

Anonymous said...

Prachtige foto's!

Anonymous said...

I have to your pics are very vairied and enjoyable to view...I understand why you like Prague as I've been there myself, it's a magical place...Well done, looking forward to seeing more of your work...