Sunday, 9 September 2007


One of the most interesting subjects in photography is people. I take a lot of candid shots of people in the streets, at festivals or other occasions. Taking candid shots is a great way of meeting people and making friends. Reactions are mostly positive and subjects often ask me for copies. I have had very nice social encounters with people from all over the world through my photography. I've only had a few negative experiences where I could sense that people didn't like me taking shots. Sometimes people turn away. When I sense that they're not happy about it, I normally delete the shots. Only once it happened that I was actually asked to delete shots while I was monitored deleting them. My photos are always respectful and will never show any subjects in any compromising way. Legally you're allowed to take photos of people in public areas and show them without their permission, as long as the photos are not compromising in any way of course. For commercial use you have to get a signed permission form.

Some of my candid work I will show here. The first photo is at the bottom working up to the top.

The first photograph was taken in Prague. I think it is interesting because of the pose and the hair. You don't always need a face to make a shot interesting.

The second photo was taken in Florence, Italy. I was standing downhill from these people who were admiring the sights. I love the dynamics in this photo.
Together with a few other photographs, this one was part of a group exhibition in Friar's Gate Arts Centre, Kilmallock, County Limerick, Ireland.

Photo number three was taken in Barcelona at the Sagrada Familia. I just happened to be at the right place at the right time. I spotted the strange combination of dress and shoes and took a few shots. She saw me and lifted the dress a bit more so the shoes were showing even more. Adorable girl. Lucky man who's married her.

The 4th photo was taken in Florence, Italy. It is often easier to take photos of women than it is of men. My partner Orla, thinks that is because women are more used to being admired. Anyway, this gentleman was standing beside me and I noticed the reflection in his sunglasses. I took a few shots and of course he noticed me. He asked me why I had taken his photo. I explained myself and showed him this shot. He was really enthusiastic about it and we had a nice chat.

Photo 5: I'm a little reluctant of posting photos of children on a blog but this is such a brilliant shot, it had to be included. The angle and the crop make it a dynamic shot. My partner, who is a painter, loves this shot. I'm heavily influenced by her way of painting people and she tells me that she is influenced by my work. She also uses photographs I take for her paintings. Who knows; we might have a joined exhibition some day. As soon as she has some shots of paintings on the www again, I will post the link.


powergirl said...

I hope you sent the bride a copy. That is such a great photo.
The other photos are beautiful too. The photo with the two kids is another one I really like but I like the bride the best.

eosforever said...

Nice cropping on the photo with the two boys. Impressive shot.

Great editing on the bride photo. The green shoes are very funny.

The reflection in the sunglasses is brilliant.
The Prague photo and the one from Florence are beautiful too.

Thanks for adding all the information. It adds to the whole experience.
It is very hard not to like your photos.

FvS said...

Super shots again. That bride in the green shoes is a classic. Wonderful.