Sunday, 9 September 2007

People 3 (abstracted)

These candid photos are more or less abstracted.

The first three were taken in Ballybunion, County Kerry. The first two are surfers and I had to get my feet wet to get them.
In the third shot you can see people with hurleys. Hurling is an Irish sport.

The fourth and fifth shot were taken during a Life guard training competition. The organisers weren't too happy with me taking shots so I only post a few that I think they wouldn't have any problems with. In these two shots you see people diving for sticks in a sprint competition. I wanted to get the speed and the determination of the contestants.


eosforever said...

Your photos really impress me.
Great work.

powergirl said...

Nice work. You are truly gifted.

Anonymous said...

I love the first shot most.
Nevertheless the other shots are art too!


FvS said...

I'm with Marc, the first shot is really amazing. Great coverage.

Anonymous said...

Cool shots!!

C Murray said...

Hi Dolf,
I like yer photos of women and drag!
Nice to meet yourself and lady again today.