Sunday, 9 September 2007

People 2.

Continuing with the candid shots. The first post is at the bottom again.

The first two shots were taken in Florence, Italy. I like to do some work in Photoshop sometimes to give the shots that little bit extra or to put more emphasis on parts of the photograph.

The third shots was taken in Portugal. Turned it to black and white and then gave it a slightly warm tone.

Photo number 4 was taken in Florence, Italy. It has the obvious title: "pasta".

Photo number 5 was taken in Florence, Italy.
My partner and I were out and about at night when we spotted this girl with her parents and sister I think.
For this photo I used the flash as it was too dark to get a decent shot otherwise. Afterwards we had a bit of a chat. She turned out to be American and she gave me her verbal permission to use this photo.
What I really like about this shot is her pose and the neon in the background.


powergirl said...

Hard to choose a favorite. They are all beautiful. Your photos are full of atmosphere and show an interest in your subjects.

eosforever said...

I like your editing. Well done.
Nice subjects too.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful streetcandid shots ... in a perfect quality like always!


SuperD said...

The clown is so colorful, Great work on all pictures

FvS said...

This is what street photography is all about. Wonderful captured and edited, specially this clown.